Markedskompetanse Nord (MK Nord) is a Tromsø-based company specialising in market-oriented consultancy services, from management consultancy through to more production-oriented projects.

The company’s value is the combined expertise and competencies of each of the co-owners. MK Nord offers broad competence as the co-owners come from different specialist fields, and each possesses in-depth knowledge and expertise through many years of experience in their respective fields. The combined expertise covers such diverse fields as entrepreneurship, media, sales, building/construction industry, web development and analysis, programmes of professional study and doctorates in medicine and psychology.

Markedskompetanse Nord publishes Experience the Tromsø Region, which is an annual travel magazine, and develops websites for local companies.

Experience the Tromsø Region

Markedskompetanse Nord has published the Experience the Tromsø Region travel magazine on an annual basis by since 2011. The magazine covers tourism-related experiences and services in the Tromsø region, as well as historical events, buildings and other subjects of interest to tourists visiting the Tromsø region during the wintertime.